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“Graham is a terrific reader! Information comes fast – many insights, real advice. He spins out an entire narrative with details that are mind blowing. I will return to him again.” ~ Pearl

“I know I can always find guidance and clarity in Graham’s words and I feel things shift and improve so fast, even though he doesn’t always say what you want to hear. He always has a sense of humour which is very helpful especially when he’s giving you the hard truth. Thank you for all the help and advice always!” ~ Nicky

“Thank you very much Graham, for all of your readings and for being the messenger of spirit. Your readings are always uplifting, accurate and reassuring. I took the information from your readings and used it for a big moment in my life. It helped me feel more confident and reassured going in. Thank you so much.” ~ Michelle

Live Readings From $59.99

Sessions are conducted via Skype. Schedule a 30 minute session for $59.99 or a 60 minute session for $99.99.  Contact Graham for more info.

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