Did you know, that the human body vibrates at a frequency of 62-68 Hz?  Earth has its own frequency too, as does Love, Hate, War etc. As humans, we respond to energy  on those frequencies. Similarly, disease, depression, wellness….they all have frequencies that we respond to. Sound or vibrational healing can address those concerns at an energetic level. Nikola Tesla, the father of electrical energy, was aware of this issue and quoted regarding the need to minimise negative energy fields in order to maintain optimum health.
Carolyn Myss is often quoted as saying that our Biography becomes our Biology. Imagine that, in your life, you have been subjected to the frequency of Neglect for many years….imagine how that frequency could affect your energy levels, and develop into a physical illness. There are other negative frequencies that create all manner of illness; abuse, betrayal, harassment, confusion etc. We all experience these frequencies at various stages of our lives. Similarly, there are healing frequencies to address these issues. This is where Graham has a focus, and a calling.
Graham’s methods are varied, he is able to get the required frequency in several ways. In personal or one on meetings, a simple touch is all that is required. Graham’s preferred method for distance healing, is to use iolite, a natural semi-precious healing stone.  The sound created is unusual, but hits right the frequency easily.  To date, there have been no limits to what can be healed this way.
Given the ever increasing “global community” that we now enjoy, Graham has developed several other techniques to distribute healing via sound and vibration to those who need it.  Now, for the common issues, healing is available via download when you need it most.
Quite often during any healing session, you may experience messages in whatever format is appropriate to you. For example many clients report hearing specific words in the healings, other report images, and others a simple “knowing” of how to move forward. For each person the healing will be unique – please refer to our testimonial page for an indication of how others have experienced this healing.