The fourth dimension

The fourth dimension.

In the fourth dimension, the time is always now, basically consciousness enhancement of senses is always present. The fourth is…more ability to alter, more control to enhance our happiness. Its like a stepping stone, a mastery of thought, you will have more control. There is going to be a shift to liberate, this will be easier for some than others, there will be a choice. Some will not want to move forward, mainly through fear, and some see the third as the place they want to be, fear stops evolution.

Union of the cosmic circle, there is no division between energy, time and space. We are at one with time and space, as if everything that is, was, and ever will be, has merged into one cosmic circle of existence. The fifth dimension is not to be described, as there is no description of this,  as the fifth dimension is the ultimate existence…unity…..oneness.