The twin flame relationship

The twin flame relationship.

Every relationship we have and every moment we experience is to assist us in the development of our soul’s journey. One of the most challenging relationships we experience is when we encounter the twin flame energy.
There are various opinions and explanations as to what defines a twin flame relationship. Some claim this is the ultimate experience as you unite with the other part of your soul and experience a loving, harmonious relationship. Others believe it to be a back and forth game between a runner and a chaser. Regardless of how you define it, the common denominator remains the same- evolving through love.
Many people describe this connection as an emotional rollercoaster, full of extreme highs and lows. One minute life is perfect and then it suddenly explodes into chaos and confusion, which is exactly what the twin flame relationship energy is supposed to do. This intense experience is meant to rapidly drive you into a higher level of consciousness in a short amount of time.
It does this by showing you various aspects within yourself that are abandoned and need your love and acceptance. It’s like a human mirror reflecting parts of ourselves back to us that still need healing and awakening, and we often dislike what we see.
Like attracts like and we are going to attract what we judge, until we no longer judge what we attract. Everything that arises from the experience of twin flame energy is to show us the parts of ourselves that need love.
Whenever we experience pain or feel as though our hearts have just been broken, the empty feeling inside is there to show us the next part of ourselves that needs healing, which can only be healed by our own love. The reason our hearts are broken, is so they are no longer closed.
We cannot fill an internal void with an external remedy. We must first provide ourselves with the love and acceptance we have been looking for through someone else. The twin flame union simply acts as catalyst for this growth to take place.
The amount of time we experience the twin flame energy depends on how deeply we start loving and caring for ourselves. We will have endless twin flame relationships until our energy stops seeking external fulfillment and returns within to become the source of our own fulfillment.
Once we are able to fulfill ourselves with our own love, we will then be ready to experience a relationship that reflects the same loving vibration back to us. This is when we experience the connection to our soul mate, one of perfect balance and harmony.