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Keep your mind fresh, and stay healthy

Decrease sleep difficulty by doing Yoga or Meditation

Decrease sleep difficulty by doing ...

Do you have struggle sleeping, or do you sleep poorly? You might go a large way to fixing these problems easily by implementing a daily yoga also meditation practice. Below some significant  tips about decrease sleep difficulty by doing Yoga or Meditation, these tips or methods will help you to decrease sleep problems. Trouble sleeping

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Some great reviews by excellent clients for Graham Elkin

Some great reviews by excellent ...

Graham Elkin Practices in Energy Medicine with his central focus being sound therapy. Graham has a lengthy list of repeat and respected clients, whom he appreciate greatly. Presented the ever-increasing “global community” that we immediately enjoy, Graham has acquired numerous other techniques to develop healing via sound or vibration to those who need it. Now,

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Mind and Fitness that improve your health and mind

Mental health and fitness: Improve ...

It’s crazy all the systems we’ve conditioned our bodies to over-ride our mind-body connection. Too numerous people these days don’t listen to something their body is telling them and act accordingly.  Sadly, we’ve been told that we require to “push thru the pain,” or “go for the burn” to get advantages from exercise.  When we’re

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Positive things give you a happy or healthy life

Positive things give you a ...

Being happy goes beyond simply pleasant emotions. Learning to live joyful throughout the day can have dramatic positive effects on physiology and also develops the overall mental function. Isn’t that sufficient reason to keep smiling? Negative thoughts diminish you of energy and keep you from being in the immediate moment. The higher you give in

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Best way or methods of meditation that help to boost your health

Best way or methods of ...

A Guided Meditation to permit go of disease or anything that is not of health or wholeness, carry thoughts also feelings that may stay in the body. Let go of stress and anxiety; get quiet; get the Healing Light Of The highest. Below some best way or methods of meditation that help to boost your health,

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Managing stress and anxiety and stay happy

Managing stress and anxiety and ...

Most people experience stress or anxiety from time to time. Stress is some demand placed on your brain or physical body. People can describe feeling “stressed” when multiple competing need are put on them. The feeling of being “stressed” can be triggered by an appearance that makes you feel frustrated or nervous. Anxiety is a

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Top best tips for healing emotional pain and gain happy

Top best tips for healing ...

We endure emotional distress in all sorts of ways, like sadness, anxiety, unproductive obsessions, addictions, unwanted compulsions, repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors, boredom, physical ailments, and as all sorts of angry, bleak, and agitated moods. If you need to know more about psychological pain, then visit here- What helps reduce this distress? What encourages a person

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Natural ways to relief from stress and live a healthy life

Natural ways to relief from ...

Everyone deal with it, yet we know how much real off we’d be — both physically or mentally — if we could simply get it under control also find stress relievers that work. While stress can be a positive, motivating portion at times, more and more research explain that chronic stress impacts the body in

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yoga for cure stress and depression for your health

Yoga for cure stress and ...

There is a primary school of thought, based on research, which acknowledges that the greatest forms of exercise, including yoga, can promote mental health as exercising statement endorphins, and  hormones responsible for that ‘feel good’ factor are usually experienced at the end of a workout. In the present world, the natural ‘fight or flight’ stress responses,

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Some great and beneficial tips for cope with stress and anxiety

Some great and beneficial tips ...

Stress isn’t eternally wrong. In small doses, it can support your work under pressure and stimulate you to do your best. But when you’re continually running in emergency mode, your soul and body pay the price. If you consistently find yourself feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, it’s time to take effect to bring your sensitive way

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How to Sleep Better: Best sleep deprivation healing way

How to Sleep Better: Best ...

We are seeing increasing numbers of suffered from sleep problems, ranging from trouble in falling asleep, to being unable to sleep soundly in the night. Rather than waking up in the morning revive and rejuvenated, they pull themselves out of bed, facing another day feeling tired and exhausted. As you know, obstruct sleep can exert

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Anger and depression easily elicit from your life

Anger and depression easily elicit ...

Mental health covers our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It influences how we think, feel, and perform. It also helps define how we handle stress, relate to others, and make  decisions. Mental health is important at all stages of life, from childhood and adolescence into adulthood. In life, if you experience mental health problems, your reflection,

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Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are some of the most common complaints during these times. To deal with this topic we can start by defining stress as any demand we experience being placed upon us. It may be external demands from our surroundings or those that we place on ourselves. It’s important to note that stress is

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Keep Your Mind Fresh and Stay Healthy

Keep your mind fresh, and ...

Keep Your Mind Fresh and Stay Healthy Since the body and mind are completely connected, every time we have thoughts, we set off rapid cellular responses in our nervous system that affects all the molecules in our body. Our cells are continually commemorating our thoughts and being replaced by them. Of course, this is not

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The Positive Effects of Nature on Well Being

How Does Nature Impact Our ...

One of the very interesting areas of current research is the impact of nature on general wellbeing or the positive effects of nature on Well Being. What you are viewing, hearing, experiencing at any time is changing not only your attitude but how your nervous, endocrine and immune methods are working. The stress of an

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SLEEP-WAKE RHYTHMS Sleep can often be low on our priority list if we get caught up with work in our daily lives. However, sleep is one of the most important factors that can influence our immune system, physical health, mental health and cognitive behavior. Take a moment to notice your body temperature, appetite, energy levels

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DEPRESSION Our psychological health and well being is just as important as our physical and emotional well being. Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions and psychiatric disorders in our world today. Contrary to popular belief, a simple chemical brain imbalance is not what causes depression. Mood regulation, genetic traits, stress/trauma, medications

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Did you know, that the human body vibrates at a frequency of 62-68 Hz?  Earth has its own frequency too, as does Love, Hate, War etc. As humans, we respond to energy  on those frequencies. Similarly, disease, depression, wellness….they all have frequencies that we respond to. Sound or vibrational healing can address those concerns at an energetic

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The fourth dimension

The fourth dimension.

In the fourth dimension, the time is always now, basically consciousness enhancement of senses is always present. The fourth is…more ability to alter, more control to enhance our happiness. Its like a stepping stone, a mastery of thought, you will have more control. There is going to be a shift to liberate, this will be

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Living life with a purpose, raising your love vibrational energy

Living one vibrational energy = ...

Living life with a purpose,  raising your love vibrational energy, vibrational healing and vibrational frequency. The underlying message  always revolves around love, most people don’t truly understand the meaning of love. It is all about the unity of our vibrations, and energy. When we cross over we are truly in love, our spirits, our energies

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The twin flame relationship

The twin flame relationship.

Every relationship we have and every moment we experience is to assist us in the development of our soul’s journey. One of the most challenging relationships we experience is when we encounter the twin flame energy. There are various opinions and explanations as to what defines a twin flame relationship. Some claim this is the

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The life vision that lies beyond fear, and pain, is so incredibly extraordinary, that the human mind cannot  see it. It is only the heart that feels it, and yearns for that. That feeling that lies inside us all , that there is so much more. The heart doesn’t lie. We are not here to

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Many people think the pain they experience is some form of punishment or that they must have done something wrong to be in such a sad situation. However, emotional pain isn’t a form of punishment or something we’ve unintentionally attracted into our lives, it’s there to help us learn. The emotional pain that we feel

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It’s  closer between here and home, who would want to come here? It’s like being a prisoner, it’s like lost sheep everywhere, so sad. You can’t seem to catch it, you can’t grasp it, it goes through you’re fingertips, I try to catch it, the truth the meaning of everything , right through you’re fingertips, then run

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healing in motion

Healing in Motion

Electrons spin around the nucleus of an atom or cell. Illness can occur when unresolved emotional issues block the vibration. All cells resonate and should be in a state of vibration. If a frequency counters our harmonic vibration, this creates dis-ease, therefore no harmony. To resonate or heal this, an entrainment, or energy transfer, will

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Holistic Evolution

Holistic Evolution

Graham Elkin A Message from Graham Healing In Motion Have you ever looked back through history and seen how horrific and barbaric surgery was? Even tooth extractions, go back further and you will see that a typical “prescription” was a course of leeches! Laughable but not funny at all. I believe that one day it will

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Energy can be named, for example, PSI. The emphasis shouldn’t be on the name but the characteristics of the energy.  Everyone has their own energy signature. When you pick up on someone you are getting an often first, but an impression of that person. Construct is energy that has been programmed with a set of

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