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Abundance (Law of Attraction)


Your thoughts are energy, whatever you think, manifests into the physical, that’s how physical change takes place. This is universal law, period! Sound simple? Well positive thinking is good of course, but it doesn’t necessarily get you what you need or want to achieve. If you send out a wish, a wish comes back. If you send out hope, hope comes back. So what we need to send out is that we already own it, or are already experiencing it. An example would be if it was a car that you wanted, you would click on this frequency, then close your eyes. Then see yourself walking to the car showroom, you know what type of car and color you want, well there it is in front of you. You maybe see yourself talking to the salesperson and walking around “your” car. You will see it shine, you run your hands over the paint work, you feel it, its yours. Use all of your senses, walk to the door, feel the handle, pull it, hear the click, open it. Now you smell that new car smell, you see the seats, the interior, the steering wheel . You get in your car, you touch the controls, you feel the steering wheel, and put the key in the ignition, then start your car. In the same way if you want to be in a better place in your career, or relationship, live it, feel it, experience it, using all your senses. This will be the signal you send out, and this is what will come back to you. Own it! Believing is creating.

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