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Zzed 10 Minute Alarm


Zzed, the wake up call that wont alarm you!

In todays society, alarm clocks have become a norm in our society to wake up, however they do not allow us to be in tune with our natural sleep-wake cycle. Alarms can cause us to wake up when we are not fully rested and further disrupt our natural internal clocks leading to a variety of sleep disorders.  A dependence on alarms could also pull us further away from being connected to our natural internal clock.

Become ultra productive with Zed! You can’t make more minutes in a day, but you can increase your attention focus, decision making,  and overall productivity. Let Zzed energise you!

Inctructions: This morning energy / wake up needs to be set 10 minutes before the desired wake up time.

Time: 10:00
Size: 9.3MB
Type: mp3 audio